Oral Chelation

Terri M. Beim, N.D. offers Extended Health's Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus Formula.

These outstanding products target both toxic heavy metals and circulatory health issues in the same formula.

Chronic fatigue, memory loss, ADD/ADHD, high cholesterol, blood pressure, circulatory and cardiovascular disease are just some of the common responses to toxic heavy metals.

Each bottle of Extended Health Oral Chelation contains 16 natural chelators, all having the ability to be 100% absorbable, plus a small amount of EDTA. While research shows that EDTA in an oral form is only 5% to 20% absorbable, a small amount is included in the bottle of Oral Chelation because of its many benefits. Extreme Health's chelation formula consists of 2 parts. Clinical findings show that chelators are more effective when separated from the other necessary ingredients.

The bottle of Longevity Plus, the second part of the formula, incorporates 50 ingredients without which an oral chelation formula cannot be fully effective. Some of these ingredients have the ability to mobilize and bind toxic metals, other ingredients assist in elimination of released toxins and prevent re-absorption by other parts of the body. Also provided are important ingredients that protect the liver and kidneys (your largest internal elimination organs) from becoing overburdened by the excretion of the toxins. Longevity Plus provides the proper replenishment of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that may get depleted by the energy requirements of detoxification.

Most individuals exhibit positive benefits and report feeling better within the first 30 days. The formula will last four weeks for adults taking the recommended dose of three of each bottle per day. A 6-month course is recommended, along with hair/blood/urine analysis before and after taking the formula.

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